Indian Head Massage

    Indian Head Massage is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system using the upper chakras.  The underlying philosophy is that health results from harmony within one’s whole self.
    The head, more than any other part of our body represents who we are, it is the centre of our nervous system. If our head feels good, we feel good.


    The treatment involves massage to the upper back, neck and shoulders, the major muscle groups which can be affected by stress.  Tensions are eased, whilst efficiency of the circulatory and lymphatic systems improves, helping to disperse toxins from tense muscles.  Acupressure points around the face, scalp and ears are also stimulated to generate a sense of well being.

    Treatments are carried out seated in a comfortable upright chair with shoulders exposed.

    £33 (40minutes)



    The treatment will begin with an Indian Head massage whilst you are lying down under a cosy blanket.  Through massaging the neck, head, face and arms, tensions are eased and the nervous system is relaxed creating a sense of well being.  This is followed by a Reflexology treatment tailored to your specific needs, a complete experience for body and mind.

    £55 (80 minutes)


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