Thermal auricular therapy or Hopi ear candling is a warming and deeply relaxing treatment.  Whilst lying down with your head to one side an ear candle is inserted into the ear canal.  The candle is lit in order to create a suction and vacuum in the ear by warming the air inside, which then rises and escapes (like a ‘chimney’) helping to loosen the ear wax in the process.

Whilst the candle burns a gentle crackling sound can be heard which many people find very relaxing.  The rising air massages the ear drum as it helps regulate pressure in the ear and sinus cavities.  Once both ears have been treated a manual face massage using lymphatic drainage techniques is performed. 

Benefits may include reduction in:

Sinus congestion

Headache and migraine

Compacted ear wax

Loss of sense of smell



Ear pressure problems (often due to flying or from diving)


Hopi ear candling can help to revitalise the body and mind, rebalancing the energy flow in the body, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and aid clearer thinking.

£45 (40 mins)

Contraindications to Hopi Ear Candling:

Infection or inflammation of the ear

Perforation of the ear drum

Grommets, drains or tubes fitted in the ear

Cochlear implants

Glue ear

Recent surgery on the ear

Allergies to the ingredients within the ear candles





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